A Brief Profile of Kamal Barman : Born on 6th June 1978 at Joyardi, a small village of District of Nalbari, Assam, did schooling in Guwahati, learnt Photography at Assam Institute of Photography, Guwahati. Has been working professionally in the industry for 9 years.

 Worked with: Designers: Dipankar Kashyap, Prasant, Kunal Kaushik, Barsa Bora, Shabnam Hussain, Nandini Barua, and many




"A glimpse into the world of fashion and glamour in the North East and one is sure not to miss a chance to come across a tall, smart, and dashing handsome. A man with adorable personality and of course not to be seen without his cap, he is one person whose name is not new in the region. Ever excited and ready to do something new and always be the helping hand. He is none other but leading fashion photographer of the region – Kamal Barman. 

Kamal’s contribution to the fashion industry of the region has been tremendous and has played a big role in showcasing the creations of the designers from this region through his works published in various magazines. He brought to limelight many new aspiring young boys and girls who are today established models in the region. 

Highly inspired by top photographer of the world and their works, Kamal Barman was born on 6th June 1978, took photography as his career due to his immense passion and love to capture beauty and make it immortal. A sincere, dedicated young man who over the years has developed a style of his own, believes in himself and has potentials and hard work. Kamal always wanted to showcase the richness of this region to the world and that was another reason he made photography his career. His future plans include doing a photography documentary on the different culture and traditions. 

Kamal Barman who has made a name for himself in the world of fashion and glamour not only in the region, but  also at national level with his works being published in many leading magazines like Femina, Fashion Bloom, Info Baron to name a few. He learnt photography from Assam Institute of Photography and ever since there has been no looking back. He is now a member of faculty for Fashion Photography in the renowned photography institute of Assam – Photographic and Vocational Training Institute. 

He has worked with almost all the leading and new designers of the region besides many established and aspiring models and also many well known film stars and singers of the region. As a man for whom glamour is a part of life, His friendly nature, ever exciting and helping attitude and one who ever ready to inspire makes him a wonderful human being with a beautiful soul. 

With Love Always……."

 Kunal Kashik (Fashion Designer)